Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day at HCR

I spent Memorial Day weekend at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch climbing with some friends from the Texas Mountaineers. Despite getting rained on, we still managed to get in a lot of climbing. Arkansas is by far one of my favorite places to climb. I just wish I had more time to take photos while I was out.

I have been so busy with the new job I haven't had time to post photos from the past two weddings I photographed, and I have two more coming up in the next month. Hopefully I will find some time to get the upcoming weddings online. I have yet to even edit any of the images from the past two weddings. Sense I shoot most of my weddings on contract I don't have to worry about the post production, which allows me time for other things.

I have also been tossing the idea around in my head about giving up wedding photography and pursuing other photographic avenues. Climbing photography is definitely a passion of mine, but with rising gas prices it will be hard to get out enough to do that, much less establish myself enough to make decent money. So for now, I think I will just lighten my load and figure out what exactly it is I want to do.

Monday, May 05, 2008


These past couple weeks have been extremely busy. I started a new full time gig, and continue to photograph on the side. I was able to spend this last weekend climbing in the Wichita Mountains. Pictured here is Phillip Snow, my roommate, on The Dihedral, a Wichita Mountains classic. This place has become my favorite climbing destination.

I also have a wedding I recently shot that I plan on posting photos from soon. There is a chance I may be covering some Dallas Stars playoffs, and Texas Rangers baseball in the next few weeks as well. I am especially looking forward to covering hockey since it is a sport I have yet to have the opportunity to photograph.

There are also more climbing trips on the horizon as well. I will likely be spending Memorial Day weekend in Arkansas, another one of my favorite climbing destinations. So, keep checking back, more content is sure to appear. Forgive me for my lack of recent posts. Life has been hectic lately, but in a good way.