Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not so mean

Before I feel in love with climbing I considered myself a college football fan. Today it just doesn't interest me as much, but I still love photographing the sport. Last weekend I covered the North Texas Mean Green game against the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders for US Presswire. Middle Tennessee State defeated North Texas 48-28. Below are a few of my favorites from the game.

I am also pleased to announced I have signed on as a contributing photographer with T ">he Photoshelter Collection. I have already have several images selected and hope to get many more up before the November 5 launch date.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Photoshelter Collection

I am still a bit distraught I lost so much work in my hard drive crash. I had my first does of reality when submitting a photo to the new Photoshelter Collection. I had an awesome image of my friend Ben climbing a 5.8 crack out at the Wichita Mountains, but the photo could not be accepted because the file size was to small. I had the best images saved on my main hard drive as a JPG, but the RAW files where on the drive that crashed. I was however able to up the resolution and achieve a usable file size, but that will have to wait until my second submission, hopefully at lest some of my images make the first cut so I can continue to submit images.

For those that don't know, Photoshelter is making a valiant attempt to compete with Getty Images. They are starting what is called "The Photoshelter Collection". They are basically similar to penny stock agencies such as iStockPhoto, but they do not allow you to price an image under $50. The photographer also retains their copyright and submits on a nonexclusive basis. The percentage paid out to the photographer is also higher than any other stock agency out there.

This is an excellent opportunity for photographers to make extra income off the photos they already own. The only thing that sucks for me is that I have lost a ton of work I could have submitted. I am in the process of contacting past clients though about getting copies of the work I did for them, but I still can not recover the personal work I had worked so hard on.

Anyway, below is a photo of me photographing a trad climber on the route Orange Peel at The Granite Gripper at Enchanted Rock. My friend Alx Eller from the Texas Mountaineers took the photo.

Another "new" blog is born

Over the years I have been known to create new blogs, destroy said blog and then re-open another blog under another name. I currently have three blogs. One I never post on. I have decided to consolidate them all into one shinny new blog. Well at least it will be shinny and new for now.

I decided on the blogger format because of the security. When using Movable Type there would always be hackers that posted comments advertising salacious material. I got tired of deleting them, worrying about patches. I eventually had to turn commenting off totally.

So, you can begin looking for my posts on this site. I loath the domain though, who would have thought there was another CalebSimpson with a blogger account? You can view old blog posts at CalebSimpson.com, well at least I own that domain!