Saturday, December 29, 2007

Slam dunks and layups

Dec. 19, 2007; Denton, TX, USA; Oklahoma State Cowgirls guard Andrea Riley (10) shoots a lay up against the North Texas Mean Green during the second half at the Super Pit. Oklahoma State defeated North Texas 77-55. Mandatory Credit: Caleb Simpson-US PRESSWIRE

Dec. 17, 2007; Denton, TX, USA; North Texas Mean Green guard Adam McCoy (5) goes up for a slam dunk during the second half against Southern Jaguars at the Super Pit. Mandatory Credit: Caleb Simpson-US PRESSWIRE

Things have been a bit slow because of the Holidays lately, but hopefully work picks up again soon. As of now I don't have a lot of assignments on the books since I thought I was moving to Colorado. I am still working on getting up there though, so perhaps it is better that work is slow.

I will be photographing the Cotton Bowl on New Year's day though. This will be my fourth year in a row covering the big game. It's always nice covering the larger bowl games like this because they give you lots of free food and a nice media gift. This year it was a nice zip-up Columbia fleece. I have plenty of outdoor clothes so I am not sure I will use it, but if nothing else I will donate it to a homeless shelter or give it to a friend.

Anyway, I hope to post some photos with the G9 soon, so be looking for that.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Self Portrait

So, after much debating I opted to purchase the G9 because of the large file size. It also allows me to use my Speedlite flash units. The above self portrait was taken with one of my 550ex flashes bounced off the celling. I haven't done extensive tests yet, but I have already seen a few things I don't like. If I get some time maybe I will post a mini review of sorts. But seeing as how I haven't even had the chance to post pics from basketball games the past couple weeks that may not happen. But for now, I am happy to have a smaller camera I can carry around with me.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Going consumer

For the longest time I have wanted a compact consumer model digital camera. Mainly because I want to take pictures in my every day life, but don't want to lug around a large 5 lb camera every day. I have decided I will be purchasing one in the near future as a Christmas gift to myself. I am currently debating over two models.

Canon Powershot G9
This camera is currently my number one pick because it allows me full creative control, has a hot shoe mount. The only downside I really see is that the lens is 35mm at it's widest.

Canon Powershot SD870

The nice thing about this camera is it's a lot more compact and the lens is 28mm at it's widest. I love shooting wide angle, so this one seems idea, but I am not sure I can get over the lack of full creative control the G9 offers.

So, if you have a suggestion for which model might be best let me know. Or, if you have experience with one of them please share.

I also plan on posting a few images from two recent basketball games I shot. This season has been slower than normal and the winter is going to be fairly slow to. I lost a couple wedding assignments because I thought the job in Colorado was a slam dunk, but as it turns out they hired somebody else. So, I will remain here in Texas until an opportunity to move presents itself.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow drifts and teddy bears

I am currently sitting in a hotel in Colorado Springs as snow piles up outside my window. It has been snowing non-stopped since late last night. There has to be at least five inches of snow on the ground by now, if not more.

The purpose of the visit was to figure out if I am going to move here or not. As of now things are looking very positive. I should know by the middle of next week whether or not I will be making my new home here or not.

This little guy was a stowaway in my bag. My roommate stashed him away in my shoe before I left. My roommate is not only a fan of Kansas but for some reason believes the state itself is the greatest ever, so I thought I would let his bear experience the greatness of fresh Colorado snow.

The rest of the photos are a few pics I took out at Garden of the Gods. I had never seen the place covered in snow before, it was quite a sight.