Saturday, December 29, 2007

Slam dunks and layups

Dec. 19, 2007; Denton, TX, USA; Oklahoma State Cowgirls guard Andrea Riley (10) shoots a lay up against the North Texas Mean Green during the second half at the Super Pit. Oklahoma State defeated North Texas 77-55. Mandatory Credit: Caleb Simpson-US PRESSWIRE

Dec. 17, 2007; Denton, TX, USA; North Texas Mean Green guard Adam McCoy (5) goes up for a slam dunk during the second half against Southern Jaguars at the Super Pit. Mandatory Credit: Caleb Simpson-US PRESSWIRE

Things have been a bit slow because of the Holidays lately, but hopefully work picks up again soon. As of now I don't have a lot of assignments on the books since I thought I was moving to Colorado. I am still working on getting up there though, so perhaps it is better that work is slow.

I will be photographing the Cotton Bowl on New Year's day though. This will be my fourth year in a row covering the big game. It's always nice covering the larger bowl games like this because they give you lots of free food and a nice media gift. This year it was a nice zip-up Columbia fleece. I have plenty of outdoor clothes so I am not sure I will use it, but if nothing else I will donate it to a homeless shelter or give it to a friend.

Anyway, I hope to post some photos with the G9 soon, so be looking for that.

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