Friday, December 21, 2007

Going consumer

For the longest time I have wanted a compact consumer model digital camera. Mainly because I want to take pictures in my every day life, but don't want to lug around a large 5 lb camera every day. I have decided I will be purchasing one in the near future as a Christmas gift to myself. I am currently debating over two models.

Canon Powershot G9
This camera is currently my number one pick because it allows me full creative control, has a hot shoe mount. The only downside I really see is that the lens is 35mm at it's widest.

Canon Powershot SD870

The nice thing about this camera is it's a lot more compact and the lens is 28mm at it's widest. I love shooting wide angle, so this one seems idea, but I am not sure I can get over the lack of full creative control the G9 offers.

So, if you have a suggestion for which model might be best let me know. Or, if you have experience with one of them please share.

I also plan on posting a few images from two recent basketball games I shot. This season has been slower than normal and the winter is going to be fairly slow to. I lost a couple wedding assignments because I thought the job in Colorado was a slam dunk, but as it turns out they hired somebody else. So, I will remain here in Texas until an opportunity to move presents itself.

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