Thursday, December 27, 2007

Self Portrait

So, after much debating I opted to purchase the G9 because of the large file size. It also allows me to use my Speedlite flash units. The above self portrait was taken with one of my 550ex flashes bounced off the celling. I haven't done extensive tests yet, but I have already seen a few things I don't like. If I get some time maybe I will post a mini review of sorts. But seeing as how I haven't even had the chance to post pics from basketball games the past couple weeks that may not happen. But for now, I am happy to have a smaller camera I can carry around with me.

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shanebevel said...

you'll get used to the shortcomings. I have the G7 and carry it exclusively when I am traveling and on vacation. I have learned to work with it and have really fallen in love with it. High ISO is the only real problem. The color is amazing though.