Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Making a book

A fairly new passion of mine is rock climbing. Anybody who knows me or reads this blog will know that; and it won't take long upon meeting me to know that either. Being a photographer I almost always bring my camera with me to the crag to capture my adventures. Some days I take more photos than others, but I don't think I have taken a trip where I haven't taken at least a couple of photos.

With that said, I think I have decided to make a book. Although I have only been climbing a couple years I think it is something I would really enjoy putting together. The only downside is that I lost a lot of photos in a recent hard drive crash, so I may have to wait another couple years before I actually have enough to put a decent book together. Plus I have some cool trips coming up, such as Joshua Tree and Red Rocks. I am sure to come back from there with some amazing pictures.

Speaking of Red Rocks I will be at the 2008 Red Rocks Rendezvous. I will actually be taking the photography clinic they are offering while I am there. Although I have already learned a lot about anchor set ups for shooting photos I am pretty sure there are techniques I am unaware of and could greatly benefit from. So, I look forward to taking the class, and hopefully coming home with some awesome photos.

The above photos (one of my favorite photos) is Scott Chapman on Alamo Arete (5.11b) at Paradise on the Brazos near Graham, Texas. The crag is now closed though. It's a bummer because it was the best sport climbing crag close to my home, I was able to make it under two hours, now the closest sport crag is over three hours away. From the photo you would never guess the climb was in Texas. The background is actually a creek that feeds into the Brazos River.


Stacy Egan said...

That is a wonderful photo; I love the light on the climber and the color gradient of the river behind him. The photo captures an important clip; that roof looks amazing. Good luck with the book idea!

I also climb, photograph, and photograph climbers (http://www.pbase.com/segan/rock_climbing). Your comments regarding the Canon G9 in www.rockclimbing.com led me to your blog and I have bookmarked your blog to see what your latest cool photos are. I recently got a G9 (to supplement my 20D) as well and have been enjoying its compact nature and powerful capabilities.

Anne Skidmore said...

Sounds good! You can make a promo book at www.blurb.com
They do a really nice job!
Hope that helps!