Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Return from Red Rocks

I have been back from the 2008 Red Rocks Rendezvous for a few days now, but I am just now getting the chance to go through some photos. Funny thing is, I thought I was shooting a lot, but after dumping photos I realized I didn't take as near as many pictures as I thought.

Anyway, here are a couple photos of climber Susánica Tam at Canibal Crag in Calico Basin. Both photos were taken during the photo clinic offered by the Rendezvous. While, I did not learn anything that I considered extremely valuable, I did learn a modified system to haul up a fixed rope that is more efficient than what I currently use.

The 2008 Red Rocks Rendezvous was also my first ever climbing festival to attend. Although I didn't get as much climbing in as I wanted, I had lots of fun. It was great getting to meet other climbers, attend clinics and talk to vendors. The Climbing Community is full of great people and I am glad I'm a part of it.


Anonymous said...

fantastic shots. got any others?

Anne Skidmore said...

Nice Caleb! Like the top photo that profiles the woman! How was shooting the RRR? Going to post anymore shots?